Breakfast Club


We run Breakfast Club school where you can drop off any time after 7.30am. Your child will get a good filling and healthy breakfast and, if they have time, will be able to play with the huge range of toys and activities or even finish homework!


We make sure they get to school safely by taking the little ones (KS1, Foundation and Skips) right in a handing them over while the bigger ones (KS2) can go in with thier friends (checks in place). If you want we can take older ones right into class as well.


Breakfast Club costs £5.75 per session


After School Club


After School Club runs after school. There is is good snack, healthy and filling, and a huge range of games and activities every night with at least one 'organised' activity and a lot of fun!


Collect at any time, but before 5.45pm when we close.


We are very busy and some sessions we are full. Contact us as soon as possible if you need us.


After School Club costs £11.50 per session


To book You need to complete a Registration Form. You will then be able to book the sessions you need directly with Wrap around West Kidlington.

Call Wrap Around West Kidlington 01865 377577

Out of hours 07773 748748

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