We are moving over to an online booking system, and it is important that you are ready.

  • The first step is to register with the website, link below. The Online Registration Form is similar to our paper version, but is replacing it.
  • Please make sure that you have entered the information correctly or you won't be able to book!
  • The compulsory questions are markedmake sure you answer them all.
  • On the Home page you have the option to 'Edit'.
  • Problems are usually the result of a simple oversight; don't forget to add your children, or emergency contacts.
  • When you come to book only book 'Contract' or regular places if you want the same spaces every week- and to have to pay for them if you use them or not!
  • Lower down are the occasional bookings when you can book places as and when you want them, subject to availability.
  • For Holiday Club the site is Edward Feild.
  • You can pay online with a bank card or use any Childcare Vouchers (we take them all) or Tax Free Childcare. 

Magpies Online Booking System Troubleshooter

We know that some people are having trouble with this system, although most people manage it without problem.

  • Make sure you have completed all the information needed.
  • Add you child- one of the most common problems.
  • Answer all of the 'required' questions marked with a *
  • Choose 'Contract' Bookings only if you want the same every week, otherwise choose 'ad hoc' lower down.
  • If you make a mistake go back to the 'home' page a choose 'edit'.
  • If you are still having problems email the troubleshooter, Katie

Call or text Katie on 07999 389899 any reasonable time

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