Magpies Holiday Club 

Edward Feild School

When booking enter 'Edward Feild' as the location


Magpies Holiday Club runs at Edward Feild School, Bicester Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire OX5 2LG


School days are 8.00am to 3.15pm and costs £21.00 each

Work days run right through from 8.00am to 6.15pm and costs £28.00 each.


NB We run trips during the longer holidays that are sometimes subject to a surcharge.

Magpies Holiday Club offers organised activities every day and children are always encouraged to join in with these but they don’t have to. Free play is available at all times apart from snack times. Television and computer game playing is restricted by time but available, and we get outside to play every day. Bookings are welcome from everyone who lives or works in the area. We have a number of children coming who don't use local schools and they quickly make friends and settle in.  


Magpies Holiday Club requires payment at time of booking unless you use

Childcare Vouchers registered with Magpies when you must pay within 24 hours


Drinks and snacks are provided, but children need to bring their own lunch. You must respect our No Nuts policy. Click on the 'Healthy Lunchbox' picture for more information.



Nuts can have a devastating effect to those who have severe allergy to nuts, it can be life threatening. You are expected to respect our no nuts policy and not give your child nut chocolate spread, cereal bars containing nuts or anything else containing nuts.


(01865) 841119 

Out of hours 07497 440404

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